Car servicing by specialists in Bingham

Visit Bingham Auto Care and give your car a safety check-up.
We will check your lights, battery, tyres, and antifreeze free of charge.

Complete vehicle servicing

As a car owner, you would expect your vehicle to be performing to its optimum level day in day out. Well, to achieve that, regular servicing is your answer. An annual service checks things like steering and suspension, fluid levels and brakes. Usually required every 10-12,000 miles, an annual service keeps your warranty valid and with that all important stamp in the log book, helps retain value for resale. What’s more, since 2003 you no longer need to go to a dealership for a service, so there are potential savings to be made by using a reliable independent garage.

Reasons to visit us:

  • 30 years of experience
  • Our services are suitable for all budgets
  • Member of the Motor Ombudsman
  • Accredited by the Pagid Appointed Centre
  • Competitive quotes
  • Friendly mechanics

    Our friendly and experienced technicians have got you covered for part full or winter servicing. We also provide any repairs you may require and diagnostics, MOTs and trye repairs and replacements. Visit us today.

    Visit us and get you car serviced today!